Monday, 18 December 2017

Ben 10 Reboot Season 3 Speculation

We're not far into Season 2 of the Ben 10 reboot yet, but I think it would be fun to analyze some sketches done by Kaitrin Snodgrass. Keep in mind, these are just sketches and probably don't mean anything, I'm just overthinking things.

This picture shows Ben and Gwen preparing to fight. Gwen is shown being able to fire some sort of roundish plate. This might mean she will learn how to use magic later on in the series, much like in the original Ben 10/

...Or it means that Gwen is going to learn how to cook and throw plates at her enemies.

This picture depicts reboot Ben Tennyson as a teenager. He's very tall and lanky and now wears a hoodie with a ten logo similar to his Ben 10: Omniverse hoodie. He has a straw in his mouth, which could mean he is now drinking smoothies like his original counterpart. Could we be seeing an episode that takes place in the future? Or a team up similar to the original series episode, Ben 10,000? Only time will tell.

As we've seen with Upgrade and Gax, and based on what Man of Action has said in an interview, they are trying to keep Ben at only ten aliens whenever they can. So we might see one of the current aliens, such as Shock Rock, get replaced by a different alien, new or old, in the future. Who knows, maybe the Omni-Enhancements would be replaced by a different feature as well. 

As off now, Season 3 is definitely in production, as one of the crew members recently told via Twitter their recording something with Gwen Tennyson's reboot actor, Montserrat Hernandez.

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