Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Ben 10 Omniverse Online Games

Okay recently has released some new Ben 10 Omniverse games and one which I find difficult playing, Zombozo's Big Score to play this game click HERE. Also, is planning on releasing a new online game called The Wrath Of Psychobos and they answered some questions about the game.

Wrath Of Psychobos
Here are the Q's and A's:

  1. Is this game online or console?
  2. Wrath of Psychobos is an online game which you can play right here on Later, we are going to release a mobile version to play on the go.
  3.  When will the game come out?
  4. We do not have the exact launch date but it's coming soon!
  5. Will we able to play with other people?
  6. This game is single player where you can play as both Ben and Rook.
  7. I sure hope this game is as addictive as Fusion Fall: Heroes!
  8. If you like Fusion Fall, you gonna love Wrath Of Psychobos! There’s something new around every corner: You’ll explore new planets and rediscover lost alien DNA. You’ll collect tons of aliens and Proto-Tool weapons that you can use in all kinds of combat situations. You’ll even be able to upgrade your abilities so you can take on even more challenges. A hero’s work is never done, but we think Ben is ready!
  9. Will it be a point and click game?
  10. The online version will support a point and click interface and the mobile version will support touch. But this isn’t a point and click adventure game. The gameplay will be action oriented and you’ll need to make strategic decisions in every situation.
  11. Will it have badges?
  12. Absolutely! Not only there's badges but there is leadership boards where you can defeat points for bragging rights.
  13. It looks dark and Sci-Fi like a can imagine the cool music.
  14. If you love music, then you’re in luck. We have some great musical scores in the game, including classics from the show and new pieces created just for this game.
  15.  neat!i just wish there was a main hub where you can buy stuff and hang out with would also be cool if you could play with friends on every level.
  16.  Great idea! You can go to Azmuth’s Lab, where you can gather additional goodies that Ben and Rook can use in lots of situations. However, since this is a single player experience you won’t be able to connect with friends inside the game environment.
  17. Will it have future updates or will it release all at the release date?
  18. We’re releasing the game with lots of aliens and Proto-Tool weapons to collect and plenty of planets to explore, but if you guys love the game, we might add more stuff in the future.
  19. Will you include some of the new aliens like Toepick and Astrodactyl?
  20. We are not including those two aliens, but you never know what we might put into future game updates.
  21. What do we need to install?
  22. You’ll need the Unity Plug-in to play the online version, which can you can download for free at the Unity web site. The mobile version will be its own app.
  23. Is this 2 dimensional or 3D?
  24. It is a 3D game.
Hmm, seems interesting I cannot wait till its release so yeah lets wait till it's release till next time, bye for now!


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